Getting the best from complaints
about children's services

We are experts in the specialist investigation of formal complaints against public services providing services to children and families.

We have experience of handling complex and high risk complaints under statutory procedures such as the Children Act 1989 Representations Procedure (England) Regulations 2006.

We understand the vital importance of ensuring that complaints are investigated in a thorough and impartial manner and can provide well informed and obective judgments and analysis.

The investigation of any complaint demands a proper regard of the views, wishes and feelings of complainants. The investigating officer must satisfy themself as to whether the judgments, decisions or actions of staff or providers of services have complied with legal requirements, professional standards and are consistent with promoting the best interest of children in particular.

We understand the importance of complaints being an opportunity to build confidence in public services and learning from the process of examining how a complaint has developed.

We are passionate about complaints being thoroughly investigated, bringing an appropriate level of expert knowledge and experience to the task and remaining focussed on achieving proportionate outcomes.

We ensure that the complaint is investigated robustly, independently and as quickly as possible and complies with relevant legislation and national standards.

We provide good quality reports of our findings and pay proper regard to communicating the outcomes of our investigation to all relevant people. We have a good understanding of relevant legislation and professional standards.

Above all we work to find a resolution wherever possible.

We have a special expertise in the investigation of complaints in relation to statutory children's services and the provision of services to children with disabilities and vulnerable families with high level of needs.

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